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I cannot believe I waited so long to do this! I wish I had done it a long time ago. I absolutely LOVE my new smile and the confidence that goes along with it.

Dr. Misencik was amazing and funny! I actually looked forward to my appointments and I am so glad I did this. The staff is so warm and make you feel so at home. I just can’t say enough about how happy I am with everything.

Christy Woolard

I am the mother of five children. My 21 year old, 18 year old, and 15 year old have all had treatment with Dr. Steve & Dr. Mark Misencik. Presently, my twin daughters, age 10, are also in treatment. Throughout the past 10 years, I have never come across another practice that I would trust my children to. The doctors have a wonderful sense of humor and immediately made my children feel comfortable and at ease. Their staff is very warm, friendly, and welcoming. The office is always very flexible and accommodating in scheduling which is important with our busy lives. As I am writing this in the office, there are three other families that I know here and we all feel that being with this practice is just like being with family! My children now have beautiful smiles and there is no question – Dr. Steve & Dr. Mark are the “Best”!!!


Drs. Misencik are very enlightening about my son’s treatment. Every visit we get a little report what happened that day and what will happen at the next visit. It puts his mind at ease. Thank you!

Stephanie Pawul

THANKS for your orthodontic treatment which helped my future smile and my brother’s as well! Both of our treatment plans were completed very close to the original estimate and the staff was friendly and helpful during all visits.

Thanks too for your patience and flexibility when our Mom had a “memory lapse” and missed 1-2 appointments. We enjoy our time in your chairs (Well…maybe sometimes were more enjoyable than others!) and we especially enjoyed the small reward often given after our appointments. BIG SMILES!

Rachael Eisaman

After years of head pain and little relief, I sought relief through orthognathic surgery. It took some time for my health plan to approve the surgery, however, when it came to fruition, my dentist had already sent me to the Dr’s Misencik for an assessment and I was soon getting braces in preparation for surgery. I trusted my dentist implicitly and was right to do so.

Dr. Steve and Dr. Mark are fabulous in their field and I am thankful I am the recipient of their care. After eleven months of braces I had surgery (with braces intact) any continued through recovery into the following seven months of care. When the braces were removed, my entire mouth had changed and I loved my new smile! Although my surgery and braces were not for cosmetic purposes, I benefited from them in this manner.

After spending a year and a half with the Dr’s staff, I realized I had gained a cheerleader section that truly supported me and motivated me to make it to the finish line. I am the happiest client they have to date and no one had
better contest me. I mean it.

Clare Thieryoung

We could not be more satisfied with the results of Dr.’s Mark and Steve hard work in straightening our children’s teeth. They were quite challenging cases with beautiful results!  Great Office Staff with a warm, welcoming, upbeat atmosphere. I highly recommend seeing them!

Cindy McHaffie

My son was extremely sensitive about his teeth.  After coming to Dr. Mark and Dr. Steve my son has gained confidence in his smile.

Kim L.

I highly recommend Dr.’s Steve and Mark Misencik Orthodontics to every family. I happily drive from Bay Village to Strongsville for our appointments.

This office is unique because they are not just interested in your business and straightening teeth, they truly care to resolve the cause of the problem.  When my daughter was eight they saw she had an open bite.  Dr. Misencik could have could have just fixed it like everyone else but no, he wanted to see why. She didn’t play a flute or smoke a pipe eight hours a day, and he suspected blockage of airways.  He took it upon himself to take an x-ray and confirmed that she needed her adenoids removed.  Our pediatrician and general dentist never indicted this as a possibility.  As a result of his expertise, the root of the problem was resolved and we could begin correcting things. There is a true benefit to having a medical background and really caring about each person.  

In 1980 I loved going to my orthodontist Dr. Steve Misencik because he was happy, funny, and always had nice things to say to me.  Teenagers need that.  The positive encouragement to do all the extra (sometimes painful) little things like wearing the headgear daytime actually made me want to do it. After all these years, Dr. Misencik’s office is still the happy place I remember and my three children Marla, Alelise and currently Erik have loved coming for treatment.  I guess when you love what you do, you can’t hide it! Thank you!

The Seican Family

We were initially referred to two different Orthodontists and picked Drs. Misencik because of the PERSONAL attention my children received. Drs. Misencik were patient and conscientious especially when dealing with my son with autism. They were able to accomplish more than I thought he could/would tolerate. The results are phenomenal , as were the results for my other 2 children (also patients of Drs. Misencik).Thank you for your care and expertise all of these years!

Mrs. Carrathers

I have had the pleasure of having orthodontic treatment at Misencik Orthodontics. The doctors and staff are extremely professional and pleasant. I don’t feel like I’m “just a patient”, rather they make you feel important and discuss the best treatment for your teeth.

I would recommend this group of doctors and office to anybody.

Vesna Collins

I waited 60 years to receive my braces. Being referred by my dentist,Dr. Schmidt of North Royalton. To my surprise, I was greeted with my name written very large on a chalk board. Welcome Virginia! What a warm and exciting start to make me feel so comfortable! I spoke to the receptionist who was professional. Then I was sent to a back room where I spoke with Dr. Misencik and x-rays were taken of my teeth.They even informed me of my profile. After this appointment, I came back and met the other Dr. Misencik. He spoke with me and explained all that will be done. Every time there was a change or something going on after he had put my braces on he always informed me about what was happening. One could not ask for a   doctor greater than that! I felt very comfortable and at ease. Dr. Misencik is a very fun,jolly man, and his work very precise and spectacular.

When I got my braces off I received balloons and candy. It was so wonderful. I am still doing my follow-ups and am almost with Dr. Misneciks office and I will never forget the caring professionalism and excellent service that I have received.

Respectfully, Virginia S Repra,RT

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